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Joys and Concerns

“If here you have found freedom take it with you into the world. If you have found comfort, go and share it with others. If you have dreamed dreams, help one another,  that they may come true! If you have known love, give some back….” (Lauralyn Bellamy from Singing the Living Tradition) In the comments […]



How do we create space in our lives for something new to emerge? So often we hold on to the familiar for fear that we will lose something. The other day I was thinking about friends who were instrumental in my life during a specific time. As I sat reminiscing, I realized I was smiling. My […]


Let It Find You

In the Tao there is a saying somewhat to the effect of “Let Peace/God/Love find you.” It corresponds in my mind to the idea of “Be Still and Know.” So often it seems as though we forget to slow down enough to experience the (connected) Self. I had been reminded of this idea by a simple […]

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