Now More Than Ever, We Need Places That Are Generative

Radical Hospitality

Now More Than Ever, We Need Places That Are Generative

At Ferry Beach, we create, practice and promote radical hospitality. We believe that the key to making the world a better place, a world that works for all of us, while taking care of our precious planet, is to practice loving compassion and kindness in the form of welcome and care. As an “advance” center, our hospitality seeks to be generative. We welcome the “other,” the stranger, whether that comes in the form of another person, group, idea, critique or species. We practice radical openness to learn about, understand and potentially be changed by the other.  We believe this leads to collaborative and effective efforts to nurture safety, peace and social justice. At its core, this is how we practice loving kindness in intentional communities formed regularly at Ferry Beach (in the form of meetings, conferences, workshops, play dates, special events and more).

Individuals, families, social groups, organizations, businesses and other groups need gathering places, which are generative. “Our mission is to awaken hearts to explore grow and renew in the spirit of universal love.”

Is your organization looking for a place, which matches your values of inclusion and radical hospitality? If you are you looking for a place for your next organizational retreat, why not take your staff to an advance center?  

Are you looking for a safe place where your whole family can actually be on vacation (as opposed to places where someone still has to cook and do the dishes?)

As a family are you looking for an opportunity to be away together at a place, which practices loving kindness and models inclusion?

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