2017 People and Stories of Ferry Beach

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2017 People and Stories of Ferry Beach

This summer I met a family who was struggling with their child’s announcement that the child no longer wanted to be called a boy. Mom shared that she had always wondered if her young son was gay and had come to the conclusion that she loved her son and wanted the best for him. This new information had challenged she and her husband in a way they didn’t see coming. After a week of family camp, embraced by a loving community, the family was thinking about the next steps for all of them. 

Two year’s in a row, a mom and her special needs young adult daughter attended a family camp at Ferry Beach. As her caregiver, the mom had shared how exhausted she was – she loved her daughter, but her challenges were great. She shared how wonderful it was to have her daughter be a part of a community, which gave her some time alone with other adults. When I spoke to them at the end of the week, they were both gleeful and looking rested. 

These are some of the many stories of Ferry Beach. By being a part of a community, you are contributing to the health and joy of others.  As Steve Pope has shared, “To practice universal love in our daily lives is to join in communion with the whole of created existence.”  We invite you to share your story with us here in the comments!

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