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“Gardening has been profoundly transformative. It has taught me more than I’ve ever known  about co-creation, trust and the joy of playful experimentation.”  (Meg Riley, Senior Minister, Church of the Larger Fellowship) Have you started your garden this year? Mine is just starting to take shape, in a new corner of the yard, plied with […]

Hope Universalism


“Universalism was born out of the new humanity;it is the gospel of the new heaven and the new earth.It throbs with hope. It was part of the great world movement to reinterpretlife in terms of a regenerated, buoyant, self-assertive human nature.” – Clarence Skinner (1915) Gun control legislation failed, the sea is rising, the middle East […]



How do we create space in our lives for something new to emerge? So often we hold on to the familiar for fear that we will lose something. The other day I was thinking about friends who were instrumental in my life during a specific time. As I sat reminiscing, I realized I was smiling. My […]



“Spiritual discernment is to choose between available options on the grounds that both are good but that one is more likely at this time… Detachment from the idea that there is only one way for me to go through life joyfully is its key.” How humans adapt to change is on the forefront of my […]


Let It Find You

In the Tao there is a saying somewhat to the effect of “Let Peace/God/Love find you.” It corresponds in my mind to the idea of “Be Still and Know.” So often it seems as though we forget to slow down enough to experience the (connected) Self. I had been reminded of this idea by a simple […]

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