Compassion Gratitude


On that first Saturday of their conference at Ferry Beach, when children’s faces see one another after a year apart, their delight is infectious. The magic that is Ferry Beach is palpable in the hugs of friends, in the retreats of church members, in the discovery of something created when voices blend, or children play. […]

Board Mission

Board Approves Mission Statement

In its November meeting, the board approved the working mission statement: “Ferry Beach awakens hearts to explore, grow and renew the spirit of universal love.” Ferry Beach will accomplish its mission through one of six tools or buckets: arts & culture, education, spirituality, sustainability, personal growth and justice & action. The board will present this […]


Joys and Concerns

“If here you have found freedom take it with you into the world. If you have found comfort, go and share it with others. If you have dreamed dreams, help one another,  that they may come true! If you have known love, give some back….” (Lauralyn Bellamy from Singing the Living Tradition) In the comments […]

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